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HIGGS FIELD-Leader in the eye
HIGGS FIELD-Leader in the eye
HIGGS FIELD-Leader in the eye

HIGGS FIELD-Leader in the eye | Free range fire

There is a fire Down Under. In that opening sentence, lies the importance of capitalization. HIGGS FIELD are an alt-rock/metal outfit from South Australia, and they bring the fire every time bring out a song. Their latest effort is a hard rock diamond in the rough, like all hard rock tracks are supposed to be. This is Leader in the eye.

With a shogun double barrel fire for their opening riff, they do justice to the mantle they protect now. After the success of their debut EP Paracusia in 2021, this is the first we’re hearing of them this year. This track is a definitive resolve, to bring flavour and energy in one punch, and they make contact. Timed at 5:17, I hear myself thinking at one point, alright-it seems like this riff is going to recycle into the second half of the song as well. That’s the predictive formula about hard rock, you feel the next phase of the song coming.

I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again, I’ll pour mortar down my throat every time a band proves me wrong. While I stare into an empty jar of grey mush, I hear the build to a completely different section, fresh, like the thoughts of a young politician that eventually sells out. Moving into a prog-rock feel with a stylized riff, the breakdown and consequent build is almost TOOL-esque in nature.

This is where the fire breaks out. Double bass is employed indefinitely, while a new set of notes chug through a brand-new landscape. If you’re not headbanging at this point, you better stick to 2022’s hot new pop-star, Barry Manilow. Charging like a bull in Spain, this closes the track off with class, with a throwback. You won’t get content like this if you subscribe to it, take my word for it. One track to make someone an instant fan? You got it.

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