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Zechariah Lloyd-Heart in a Notebook
Zechariah Lloyd-Heart in a Notebook
Zechariah Lloyd-Heart in a Notebook

Zechariah Lloyd-Heart in a Notebook | Suspended BPM

There are some that can make arena rock without ever having performed in one. The envisaged whole is enough to guide them, creating art that is to be enjoyed at that scale. Zechariah Lloyd, without doubt, is an artist that can level a stadium. From chants to addictive choruses, his songs have them all, diverse in range. This is his latest EP, Heart in a Notebook.

Don’t Cry for Me is a prime example of an indie rock track that could make it to those tower speakers. Like a Kings of Leon vibe, Zechariah makes sure he’s surfing on a chord progression of highs the whole track. The emotional verses, the poetry and pizazz of it all is somehow calculated, but feels whimsical and fun. There is a deviant energy that is waiting to be unlocked.

The art of minimalism

Primarily an acoustic track, Waste These Days uses the guitar as a rhythm and beat base. Zechariah’s slight tenor and melodic voice create a cosy atmosphere. The strength of the track comes in with the arpeggiated notes and simple lead elements. Choosing to maximize with quality notes, this is a solid track. Down to the River brings in Southern rock charm with Zechariah Lloyd’s innate ability to add some creative flourishes to the mix. Like Blackstone Cherry but not as flashy, the track uses the notes to highlight the lyrics and the narrative crafted.

Ain’t it Strange showcases JJ Cale & Leonard Cohen style songwriting from Zechariah Lloyd. The reverb notes hold your attention, layered comfortably with the vocals. The progressions and emphases are unique in this song, making it a swinging, joyful track. Closing the EP is the title track. It is a smooth semi-acoustic track. There are harmonics inspired by blues, and this is the closest Zechariah sounds to Mayer. The dissonant notes ring out for a long moment, creating special vacuums before the verse or chorus changes.

This is the crowning of an artist that can’t wait to conquer the stage. The crowds chanting his name, signs and T-shirts proclaiming their love for him sold bootleg. Zechariah is on the path to greatness, and this consummate EP signs off on a guarantee.

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