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Haseya – Mirror
Haseya – Mirror

Haseya – Mirror | Joy of Change

Indie pop artist Haseya hails from California and is based out of Wellington, New Zealand. Pristine pop and head bobbing bassline is what we are presented with his latest single Mirror. Mirror is a conceptual follow-up to his previous release rorriM. Mirror is a self-revelatory encounter that defies and challenges one to change oneself beyond defects. Haseya manages to convert emotional journeys into stunning songs of joy.

The track begins with funky guitars and electric emotive vocals full of energy and upbeat vibes. There is an interesting chord change in the prechorus and chorus after the verses. Smoking guitar licks with the glassy tone and clap percussion and interesting rhythms form core aspects of the groovy arrangement. The song concludes with an amazing and tactful bassline. The song deals with facing the mirror to work with the issues one might have inside oneself not on the surface in an ironic play of words. That can only be done by helping others and working on holistic mental health. The musical style reminds one of acts like U2 and Jamiroquai.

Haseya’s presentation pulls you flawlessly into a musicality brimming with sweet sentiment, and you end up participating in the song as you lift your hands and applaud to the tune, then sing with your body moving however without leaving your place and overpowering you. The extraordinary knack and capacity to communicate diversely with music is what Haseya possesses. His imagination is the aftereffect of serious trial and error with what he needs to depict. And this effort is incredibly successful.

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