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BC Roadz – BOO! | Calvin & Hobbes of the Music World

The song BOO! is BC Roadz’s latest release. The song is a declaration from the artist and his music partner that they’re meant for big things to come soon. The rap song has a satirical lyrical delivery and catchy electronic beats

Self-proclaimed “blues rapper” BC Roadz has a bizarrely complex style of combining his commentary with high-bass beats. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, the artist credits his robot side-kick for half his success: Doso Rubato. Together, it and BC Roadz are the dynamic-duo that bring head-bumping tunes to life with uninhibited lyrics.

BOO! is a response to the haters and nay-sayers. Humble as they are, BC Roadz and Doso aren’t afraid to say it like it is. They’re planning on whipping asses – admitting they’re devil’s spawns. What stands out to me is the deliberately comic delivery of the verses across the length of the song, which doesn’t come by easily.

BC Roadz attributes all the wise words to his partner, yet at the end of the song, he has to ask him to stop. It seems that Doso wants to let the track go on and also wants BC Roadz to keep delivering burns. 

Talking of the burns, give this one a listen. Check out BC Roadz – BOO! here:

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