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Mark Rosal- The Invincible Summer
Mark Rosal- The Invincible Summer
Mark Rosal- The Invincible Summer

Mark Rosal- The Invincible Summer | Feel the heatwave

Mark Rosal has an obsession with music. Like his profession, he works on it every day. A sculptor, he whittles away at a mass of stone to create a thing of beauty. It’s just a rock sometimes, sometimes an exquisite forge. The Invincible Summer is a unique Southern Dirt/Country track which combines the aura of a Western and the charm of bespoke songwriting.

The charge of the horse could be considered as the strums. Rough and unpolished, they set a rhythm and pace for the song, like a steed would do. Mark Rosal brings in the energy with his vocals, the poetics of lyrics being something he has mastered. The transitions for the verse are fairly simple, the spicing up is in the chorus. Changing to an unusual progression, the ascending nature of the chords is what creates the peak. The verse has rhetorics the second time around, little embellishments with the electric that change the starch of the track and bring an invigorating essence.

He has recently also released Needle in a Haystack, a delightful single, and has been releasing singles since 2019. A proactive musician, his prolific style and methodological approach create wonders, which he perfects by sound and style before letting us hear it. Mark is an incredible musician, and his passion is heard in the music he makes. ‘

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