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Chapell - Gold | Upbeat, Pleasant
Chapell - Gold | Upbeat, Pleasant

Chapell – Gold | Upbeat, Pleasant

Chapell is a New York-based singer and songwriter known for his vividly intense musical styles and intrinsically uplifting music. He has toured in multiple places and his on-stage energy is what his fans love the most. With appealing and authentic music, Chapell is making quite a mark for himself in the industry and for all the right reasons.

Chapell’s recent release is a song called Gold. Gold is a great rock number infused with some classic rock elements yet has a lot of contemporariness to it. With a fine balance of the modern and retro, gold makes for an easily enjoyable track. When you listen to Gold you realise how it’s not an overly traditional rock number. It feels fresh, thanks to its modernity. The song has amazing joviality to it, which makes it a perfect song to listen to when you want to uplift your spirits. The song is enriched with amazing energy that is invigorating and makes you want to surrender to its bliss. 

Gold has some amazing melodies. It is a lively song and you would fall for it the first time you listen to it. You would want to listen to this song again and again because it definitely grows on you. But even on listening to it the first time, you realise it is a special track with so much to offer. And one prominent thing it offers throughout is the feeling of joy! 

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