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Mother Culture – Princess Die
Mother Culture – Princess Die

Mother Culture – Princess Die | Dazzling Rainbow

Melbourne act Mother Culture have yet another intoxicating song with their latest release Princess Die. The Australian band are used to providing a kaleidoscope like effect with their music. Their last song Shitty Four Chord Pop Song, was anything but the title described. They are influenced by artists like St. Vincent and Phoebe Bridgers. Mother Culture consists of brothers Darcy and Spencer Ward, who independently writing, performing and producing everything you hear on the track.

This is a joyous and uplifting epic indie song, something not necessarily accomplished without a musical voice and vision. The single cover features eyes emanating out of a ear and butterfly. Artist Ken-ichi Omura with the remarkable single artwork aptly puts to vision what this song would make every listener feel. Pleasing basslines and arrangement work is what greets us as we start spinning the song. The glorious bass and extra fuzzy guitar create a musical vibe unlike any other. Vocal harmonies that sound heavenly create a rippling effect for the harmonic texture in Princess Die. The bass riff right after the chorus is a sweet delight.

The Austrlian group create an explosive blend of explosive blend of indie rock, psychedelia, and pop. A chorus which sounds incredibly epic with the vocals, guitars, drums, and harmonies all acting in unison, present an uncomparable indie rock and pop number. Princess Die by Mother Culture is an insanely dazzling song that leaves a lasting flavour on the aural palette. The infinitely innovative and unique duo have aced themselves yet again.

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