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Lukx – Get Shit Done
Lukx – Get Shit Done

Lukx – Get Shit Done | Lava Lamp Hip-Hop

Belgian and Swedish hip-hop act Lukx consists of producer father Nils “Frizzle” Malmport and rapper lyricist son Lucas Malmport. Based in Brussels, Belgium, the father son duo lay down some insane beats, hooks, and melodies. Their latest release Get Shit Done is another hip track in their prolific string of releases. The track has managed to find itself in the New Music Friday Belgium playlist.

Lucas composed the song with David De Gratie, Pol Beele, and Jeremy Achenberg. The production, mix, and master was then done by Frizzle. Treading the genres of rap, hip-hop, and pop, their lyrics of Lukx are a mix of English and French. Chill and catchy emotions are what their compositions are rooted in. Lyrically, the song deals with when a part of you wishes to be productive but the other is too lazy. Which one takes over? With lines like “If you are having trouble to communicate with people, listen to the music for a moment let’s be equal”, Lukx shows some stunning lyrical and songwriting creativity. Music is after all the great equalizer, which has no language but the language of emotions.

The song consists of Pulsating synths to establish a neat groove. With the marvelous production by Frizzle, the composition swims through an ocean of synth joys and viscous musicality. Rhythm which catches the attention makes one bob the head to every heart-beat like pulse. Fluid production and arrangement set a laid-back and groovy mood. This is what we are treated with Get Shit Done by Lukx.

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