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knopf - boomerang
knopf - boomerang

Knopf – Boomerang | Travelling Nostalgia

David Knopf is a songwriter, guitarist and singer hailing from the high desert of Southern California. With breezy melodies, soulful vocals and wise lyrics, Knopf serves up excellent musical numbers that is evident from his discography. Part of a three piece band consisting for Aiden Scott and Alex Rabushka, his songs have lives of their own. Boomerang by Knopf explores the travelling nostalgia that finds you no matter where you go.

The song sports a lilting country guitar melody with a raging beat cycle. The baritone vocals of the artist flows with a charming husky texture. The artist alternates between a slow and fast tempo across the song. Creating a majestic musical trajectory, the melodies rise and fall at the artist’s command.

The artist expertly blends musical textures, gliding and glowing one second, rough and tempered the next. We also see iconic synth melodies to create a soothing sunset happiness. The song is beautifully layered with three parallel guitar melodies, each having their own rhythm, tempo and texture. The artist explores the inherent nature of memories, its sounds, landscapes, and nostalgia, to return and wash all over you like waves.

Your experiences, friendships, values and moments are inescapable for they are transcontinental boomerangs. They are embedded into you and well up from stories, objects and people you interact with. Like snowflakes, they dissolve into you and find expression in the sights you see, voices you hear, in the taste and aromas of food. Like a boomerang, it swerves and rushes back to you.

The artist wonderfully articulates this experience with his music and uses the perfect metaphor to make it relatable to his listeners. Boomerang by Knopf makes for a great listen.

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boomerang – knopf

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