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Guilherme Dantas- Nostalgia
Guilherme Dantas- Nostalgia
Guilherme Dantas- Nostalgia

Guilherme Dantas- Nostalgia | In conjunction

Guilherme Dantas is, in more ways than one, his own voice in music. Influenced by major prog rock bands across the world-he’s managed to find his own sound. It is characteristic of a bedroom musician, his cuts and recording are raw and real. There is a feeling of presence in the recording room for more reasons than one. This is his 2019 single, Nostalgia.

This single comes from his soundtrack for Escarlate, a motion picture. Nostalgia is but a snippet of one of the moments. Like his unprocessed release of his track Everest, this too is an instrumental that encourages your own train of thought within a curated moment. The arrangement is fairly simple, and short. Running at 1:25, it is a transitionary number for a transient album that has a cinematic reproach.

His 2017 album Azul and 2018 album Atol are his best works, starting from scratch. Creating a name in music-it brings in the effort for recognition and unbridled passion for music. His instrumentals are tight and original, making them great listens. Rather than the lingering experimentation of a lot of prog-rock bands, he sustains within the original arrangement. We’d love to see Guilherme Dantas comeback after a 3-year sabbatical, and he, without doubt, has some great tracks racked up for us in his queue. Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long.

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