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Truth Devoid-Absolution in Savagery
Truth Devoid-Absolution in Savagery
Truth Devoid-Absolution in Savagery

Truth Devoid-Absolution in Savagery | In the wake of chaos

Waylon Pelczar and Ian Rees are Truth Devoid. Before we begin, we’d like to thank death metal god Chuck Schuldiner for making these like minds meet. The next thanks go to the absolutely obliterating rhythms and lyrics this duo employs in their music. Their latest flamethrower is Absolution in Savagery.

Like any good death metal song should, we get down to brass tacks almost immediately. A transition from silence creates an echo chamber of chaos, where blast beats and doom chords unite to create an annihilating rhythm section. The gutturals are immense and clear, with a strange anechoic depth to them. The art lies in keeping the track interesting through the breaks, which the band manages to do with their solos and scale runs. The beat relentlessly ensues through the entire track. It’s been a while since I’ve heard some good death metal, and this one has it’s cake and eats it too,

The rhythmic experimentation and creative breaks separates this band from others that dive into a pit of disorienting noise and classify it as music. This is a tip of the hat to some of the best in the game, including Nile and Marduk. Truth Devoid have released their EP Lair of Persistence in 2020, and singles like Tunnel Vision and Collective Sickening in 2021. This is their first track for 2022, and hopefully is a teaser for an exciting album to come.

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