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Dan Aston – I Don’t Belong Here | Soothing
Dan Aston – I Don’t Belong Here | Soothing

Dan Aston – I Don’t Belong Here | Soothing 

Dan Aston is an ardent singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Cornwall, UK. He got into music from a very early age and started writing new material when the Covid pandemic hit. Dan’s music can be described as folk/pop that has catchy melodies and wonderful lyrics. He has been featured on BBC radio many times which got him a major push in his career.

Dan Aston released his debut EP “The Way Home” in 2013 with some major Artists contributing to it. He is back with yet another masterpiece called “I Don’t Belong Here”, it is the second single in the series set to release this year.  It is very laidback and has a very major folk feel.

Talking about the song in detail. The song starts with an acoustic guitar and high-hats on the drums, it sounds so smooth and classic. Soon the vocals kick in with a double layer of harmony followed by the bass guitar.  The vocals sound so good and they perfectly blend the melody of the song. After the chorus, a beautiful guitar solo kicks in with all the other instruments, making the song sound richer. 

“I’m walking lonely through the night as it turns to day. 

I’m drifting away, I don’t belong here.”

These lines from the song are so heart-touching and deep that one can relate to these lines with the song playing in the background. The song is just a work of art by the genius Dan Aston. His songwriting skill is just unmatchable and it is highly recommended to go listen to the song.

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