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Clay Joule – Nothing
Clay Joule – Nothing

Clay Joule – Nothing | Zen Blues Hip-hop

Musician and rapper Clay Joule presents his stunning blues rock song Nothing combining classic blues with hip-hop. Clay Joule has melodic flexibility which has disrupted the rules with regard to templates of music production. He hails from New York and has been a prolific rapper growing up in that environment. With Nothing, Clay’s vocals are woven together to exhibit his expertise in molding engaging lyrical verses with fiery music.

The song also addresses the tendency of modern-era musicians to overtly rely on automation over core musical chops and composition. Of course, no amount of modern engineering can make poor composition shine. Garbage In garbage out. With this strong ethos, Clay Joule urges them to have a go at something essential and critical, authenticity. The song features fiery riffs and a blazing guitar solo, with tight bass playing, and solid production. Nothing also includes performances from musicians Wassim Rahman and Leon Dombrowski and produced by Truwan Studio. Slap bass playing with its dramatic interpretation inspires the notable sound of the spirit of funk and blues rock.

The thematic canvass of the song also covers deep philosophical insights into nothingness, almost zen-like. Nothing uses the right emphasis to create an emotional and inebriating impact with his vocals. A simple and elegant setting with lyrical depth, Nothing is a tight classic blues rock song combining the best of funk and hip-hop. “Nothingness is not a vacuum, but rather an infinitely wide range of possibilities that may be explored“, is a few of the deep insights that Clay Joule gives us in this peppy rock number.

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