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Raymond Revel – Nowhere Close To Famous
Raymond Revel – Nowhere Close To Famous

Raymond Revel – Nowhere Close To Famous | Pacman Synthpop

Fort Worth, Texas singer-songwriter and producer Raymond Revel releases a mesmerizing pop single with Nowhere Close To Famous. Hailing from Burbank, California, Revel was initially a piano based composer being influenced by the likes of Elton John and Billy Joel. Not one to be confined to one musical space, we see great diversity in the genres of his discography. We can see the traces of John Mayer to 80s pop, this song being an apt example.

The single artwork of Nowhere Close To Famous is a reference to Pacman and similar games. The intro has a video game synth key riff that sounds like retro 8-bit gaming soundtracks. Behind the main riff are sustained choral chords with a light texture. This is a song that is a synthpop and synthwave delight. Energy vibe in the song is joyful. Electronic melodies with some retro nostalgia will make you lose yourself to the groove of the track. The music of Raymond Revel would remind one of artists like Alesso, Clean Bandit, and others.

Raymond’s vocals are performed to express the sentiment in the lyrics with aptness. The lyrics describe with wit and warm self-reflection on not achieving celebrity, being at the cusp of it while being content about that. Moreover, the textures of the chords highlighted by the melodies stands out. They pivot to push our attention to the melodies and groove. Production of the song with the arrangement pushes the basic tight melody to the appropriate level. With Nowhere Close To Famous, Raymond Revel has an infectious pop hit in his hands.

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