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Ollie Twohill- Neverland
Ollie Twohill- Neverland
Ollie Twohill- Neverland

Ollie Twohill- Neverland | Ride the wave

When I’d heard Ollie Twohill for the first time with his single Boots, I knew I was listening to unbridled energy. Someone that is hooked to music by passion and not contractually. Ollie’s tracks have been foraying into the unknown since his first single, Tapping Away. The debonair musician has come a long way since then. This is his latest single, Neverland.

If there is something that is guaranteed when you press that green play button, it is that you’re diving into uncharted territory. You never can tell with Ollie Twohill, so in this case he makes his track a rocking free fall. Leaning into a post punk, energetic capsule-he unleashes it all at once. The song never dips, chorus to verse, and keeps the bar raised for annihilation. If the artwork was of any help, this was going to be an exciting adventure from the first second on.

With his textural rhythmic experimentation in Mr Nightowl to the Americana dense richness of Tapping Away, we’re always in for a treat with Ollie Twohill. In this case, it was a fireball of gasoline. Without a doubt, we know there is an excitement in the art that Ollie creates. This is his curse, making addictive music that just doesn’t satiate his desire for creation.

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