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thanks for that - gavan waldby
thanks for that - gavan waldby

Gavan Waldby – Thanks For That | Golden Gratitude

Waldby creates musical experiences to convey the soul behind each emotion. Exploring the personalities of emotions, the artist employs immersive musical formulas to reach his audience. Thanks for That by Gavan Waldby is the artist’s most personal and heartfelt song. Its an emotional tribute to the women in his life who take care of him and have his back.

With waves of melancholic guitar melodies introducing the song, the smokey vocals of the artist is soothing and light. The song carries the humility and tenderness that comes with gratitude. The melodies and harmonies beautifully capture the renewal of the protagonist’s belief in goodness and kindness. The coalition of the musical elements of the song cause the patch of luminescence in us to glow and grow and coat the world around.

The artist uses instrumental harmonies and baritone vocals to show us the scenic paradise of gratitude. In a few short minutes, the artist inspires us to give back, to pass on the token of kindness and share this paradise with others. Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, the song frees an uncontrollable softness in us. Leveraging the soul of the violin and the happiness of the flute, the artist floods the song with the brightness of the golden lamps.

A conduit of gooey goodness associated with banana bread, long beach walks, falling in love, sweet epiphanies and a restful day, the song restores and replenishes us with a tall order of quite peace. The song is replete with instrumental tangents that fill your mind like a warm summer day.

The song carries matchless emotions and is bound to make you feel good. It has a way of shrinking your worries and putting things in perspective. If you’re looking for a good cry or a song to understand yourself or your emotions, Thanks for That will lend you its kindness and empathy.

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Thanks for That – Gavan Waldby

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