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Cindy-Louise – Woman of My Own Damn Mind
Cindy-Louise – Woman of My Own Damn Mind

Cindy-Louise – Woman of My Own Damn Mind | Flaming Anthem

South African-born artist Cindy-Louise has released a fiery blues and indie pop song with her latest single Woman of My Own Damn Mind. She got her music degree from the University of Pretoria and is now based out of Utrecht, Netherlands. Cindy-Louise, who is also a fashion blogger, has had a prolific discography with an amazing variety and span of musicianship. This includes her songs the malignant Femme Fatale, the gaunt My Fantasy, and her mesmerizing debut record Humanity released earlier this year.

Woman of My Own Damn Mind begins with a solid blues piano and guitar riffs. Cindy’s fiery voice with a solid foundation dominates the song in this blues rock number. The main riff coupled with piano and guitars attacks us guns blazing. Elegant placement of the instruments in the mix along with the vocals ensures that the right elements fit in the right place. In the middle of the song, we hear a vocal dynamic change is sweet and depicts Cindy’s vocal prowess. Stunning vocal harmonies add a fascinating layer of power.

The song shows Cindy’s emotional and commanding songwriting with absolute expression. We get a keen sense of the articulate crispness in terms of musical production and performance. With succinct groove and powerful compositional mastery, the arrangement works to keep the listener hooked. The belting vocals of Cindy-Louise remind one of Adele and Amy Winehouse. Woman of My Own Damn Mind is an impassioned and groovy blues ode to independent women who refuse to conform and take charge of their lives.

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