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Autorub – Oh Marjorie
Autorub – Oh Marjorie

Autorub – Oh Marjorie | Groovy Rock

New York based band Autorub which consists of frontman Michael Corn spins a stunning pop punk song with their latest release Oh Marjorie. It is the newest release from the upcoming concept EP “America The Sick“, which deals with the political situation in the United States. Among several themes, it satirizes the likes of conservative characters like MyPillow Guy, Mitch McConnell, and the QAnon followers. Autorub is influenced by a wide range of artists like Beck, Foo-Fighters, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Daft Punk.

Raw electric guitars and vocals greet us as we commence the song. The guitar tone sounds as if it’s digging into the amp. Syncopated riffs give the song a tight edge. An infectious and hummable chorus uplifts the vibe of the song. We also get a blazing pop punk guitar solo and leads to savour throughout the song. Autorub makes good use of the church organ in the song highlighting verses and the chorus.

The EP promises to be contain clever songwriting and neat production to take us on an adventure of twelve minutes. Vocals which are spirited and well performed add character to the track. There is a modern sound rooted in classic rock and punk. Autorub uses great vocal production to elevate the singing performance. Oh Marjorie reminds one of artist like Green Day, Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, and Bowling for Soup. This is ingenious composing and well arranged rock music. Its satire is done with nuance and skill which the common observer would appreciate. Oh Marjorie is a groovy and catchy pop punk song.

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