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Pace of Mind | Shoom | Intimate Vocals | Electronic |
Pace of Mind | Shoom | Intimate Vocals | Electronic |

Pace of Mind – Shoom | Intimate vocals

An amazing introduction with uplifting keys and amazingly intimate vocals that just go perfectly with each other. As soon as the vocals comes in, there is an impact key that just pours in and acts as the ambience while being glued to the vocals. The vocals are mesmerizing and the effect chain makes it seems as if Pauline Mykell is whispering privately to the listener! That’s the best kind of vocal. When it feels intimate and personal! The melodies that compliment the vocals have been chosen with great care and crafted with precision to blend in perfectly.

Pace of Mind is a project created by Ilya. He collaborates with a wide group of songwriters, singers, musicians and producers and produces some very intimate electronic music! When Ilya moved to Berlin, he was introduced to the music in the club and street scene here. Drawing influence from amazing artists like Monolink, Zigan, Aldi etc., Ilya has created his own style that is both dance-able and intimate!

The sound design in this track is really interesting with really creative and appropriate use of risers and Impacts which seems to make the track complete. After the 2-minute mark, the vocals fade out and the track descends into a “Pace of Mind”! A really interesting ‘drop’ that comes out of nowhere toward the latter half of the track. Its as if the whole track is boiling toward this last minute! The keys that perfectly match the vocals are a very creative way of pushing the vocals forward while also keeping the other sounds glued to it. It’s as if Pace of Mind has drawn a line around the intimate vocals with these keys, a boundary of sorts!

The vocals themselves are entrancing and are very intimate. A storyteller vibe that takes over the initial parts of the track and helps build toward a really cool drop!

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