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Karen Harding – Til The Ocean Meets The Shore
Karen Harding – Til The Ocean Meets The Shore

Karen Harding – Til The Ocean Meets The Shore | Calming Folk Waves

Til The Ocean Meets The Shore is the second single from the EP I’ve Got A Secret by Australian singer and songwriter Karen Harding. The EP consists of four tracks written by the Melbourne based artist during the pandemic lockdowns. She set a somber but enchanting tone with the title single and the first release from the record. Being the incredible pianist and unparalleled vocalist that she is, we are in for a treat with deep emotional and expressive music that Karen Harding continues to provide us from the EP.

The song starts with a simple, calming, and elegant acoustic riff. As the reverb drenched vocals entered, we get a sense of the heavenly. The double bass, acoustic guitar, strings, and piano comprise the arrangement pretty much. Continuing on the themes of personal resilience and determination, Karen Harding has managed to create a signature sound unique to herself. While the title single was almost Mediterranean and contemplative in its feel, this belongs in the modern singer-songwriter zone with an uplifting aura.

Joshua Hennessy’s production is top notch and brings out the best of the vocals and music of Karen Harding. The arrangement proves that you don’t need armies of instruments and production elements to create a sense of pop epicness and dense production. The song could remind one of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston while Karen’s musical influences like Joni Mitchell and Sara Bareilles are well visible. Much like its title Til The Ocean Meets The Shore, this is a song to sing and listen to bring reflection and a soothing soul feast to oneself.

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