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Ibbi Too Vicious – Party Alone | Refreshing
Ibbi Too Vicious – Party Alone | Refreshing

ibbi Too Vicious – Party Alone | Refreshing

ibbi Too Vicious is a musical venture of Ibrahim Munir that focuses on creating rock tracks for the contemporary audience. His unique musical blends have stood the test of time and garnered love from his one of a kind fanbase.

ibbi Too Vicious recently released a song called Party Alone which is the perfect boost of energy that you will need this week. With unique musicality and a super refreshing vibe, Party Alone is a track that lingers in your head for a long time. The song has an intrinsic fun and groovy element to it, that not only gives it an edge, but also makes it stand out. When the crazy, upbeat, chorus kicks in, you feel like it’s the best part of the whole song, but even the verses have that same charming effect on you that can’t be forgotten.

The way Ibrahim sings the lines is something truly marvelous. He has a softness and playfulness to his voice, that makes everything a little more alluring. The lyrics are chilled and laid back and complement the mood of the track in just the right way. You would want to listen to this song again and again because you would feel like there is something left to be experienced. That’s true because the song has a tendency to grow on you!

With refreshing beats, soulful melodies, laid back lyrics, and mesmerizing vibe, Party Alone makes for a great weekend track. You shouldn’t miss on this one!

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