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Flatfoot Sam – Boathouse
Flatfoot Sam – Boathouse

Flatfoot Sam – Boathouse | Innovative Electronic Trip 

UK DJ and producer Flatfoot Sam has released their latest electronic single Boathouse. This is an experimental vocal track featuring a mix of house genres and has industrial influences as well. The song deals with the relationship between earth, wind, and water. It explores the enormity of the natural elements and sets the setting to see our place in this context beyond our egos. An emotionally expressive song that will give you an enjoyable musical trip to revel in.

Boathouse begins with sustained chords and light electronic percussion which proceed to intricate beats. We then get a steady synth bassline and string section light harmonic section. Vocal choir type hums are added and the arrangement keeps getting denser. Gothic vocal choirs then enter the arrangement. The song consists of two mesmerizing vocals which are the operatic Spanish female lead which will enchant you. Then is the reggae section which pumps groovy energy into the listener. Within five minutes, we get a well rounded taste and feel of the musical vision and scope of the song.

Flatfoot Sam has been a prolific electronic producer since the 90s. The physical roots of the song lie in an old lifeboat station in Cornwall. Boathouse combines the electronic genres of trip-hop and Leftfield, which is termed TrapField. In this song, we can see the compositional brilliance of Flatfoot Sam combining operatic pop, electronic, and genres such as reggae and hip-hop while incorporating vocal choirs. Rooted in deep musicality and the pocket of the groove, Boathouse by Flatfoot Sam is an innovative electronic track to behold.

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