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Neon Black Dreams- Another Day | The Power of Hope

Neon Black Dreams is a band with a bright future. They have already accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, and they are here to stay! With their unique blend of influences, they are sure to make waves in the music industry. This duo merges R’n’B-infused vocals with Pop, Synthwave, and Post-rock to create a new sonic realm that is sure to please listeners.  The band is the brainchild of two musicians with very different backgrounds and influences. Despite coming from quite varied backgrounds, the two have teamed up to create a distinctive vibe that is rapidly gaining traction.

This talented duo has released a new single, ‘Another Day.’ This song is everything. Neon Black Dreams have created an alluring, surprising, and downright spellbinding song. The song grips you by the heart, lifts your spirits, and makes you want to move. The beats, the lyrics, and the narrative all come together to create a moving, powerful song that is impossible to forget. It’s a song about starting over and forgetting the pain of the past, and it’s so beautiful and hopeful. There’s something about this song that just immediately pulls you in. Maybe it’s the airy, ethereal quality of the singing or the hypnotic bassline that just seems to wrap around you. Either way, it’s impossible to resist. My favorite part is when she sings, “Forget the lies, forget the pain, tomorrow is a brand new day.” If you’re looking for a song to help you through a tough time, or if you’re looking for a song to lift your spirits and make you believe in the power of starting over, this is the one. ‘Another Day’ is an instant classic, and I can’t wait to hear more from Neon Black Dreams.

We recently interviewed Neon Black Dreams. Read on to know more.

1.      The song provides us with a viewpoint that allows us to see past the passive voice and search for hope. What is the writing’s underlying idea, precisely?

A: Another Day provides a narrative for the continuing story of Neon Black Dreams. This story progresses through each song and this time Yara and JJ have set out to restart their lives and leave all their troubles behind after escaping from prison. However, the song has another meaning, that exemplifies living with regret and disappointment and trying to transform that energy into something positive. There are personal events that shape the song of course, but I feel that these can be translated to mean many things for many different people. Life can be a struggle, but it is important we never lose our hope.

2.      The performance is excellent. How did you approach the recording sessions?

A: The album was recorded entire in my home studio. After a rough demo is made, the drums are played on an electronic kit using purposefully digital sounds. Everything else is played through analogue synths. Vocals were recorded in the home studio as well, allowing Yara to feel comfortable and achieve her best results. Recording in a home studio can have disadvantages but, in this case, it allowed for a more relaxed recording schedule.

3.      Tell us about your experiences thus far. What are your main musical inspirations that have truly had an impact?

A: It has certainly been an interesting experience self-releasing the album. We are happy with the response from the fans. However, the “business” aspect of music always has its downside and requires countless hours of work. Our hope is to be able to play live soon, as we have not been able to perform due to the war. Inspirations are drawn from many genres and various artists. I would say Depeche Mode, John Carpenter, Eurythmics and Kite are the strongest influences for this album. Vocally, Yara loves Madison Beer and Ariana Grande.

4.      Do you have anything particular to say about the most recent song?

A: Another Day is my attempt at minimalism, and I hope that others can take away something from the meaning of the song. The song represents a turning point in the story as well as a turning point in my life.

5.      What new tracks can we expect from you? Are there any particular areas you want to pursue with your craft in the coming years?

Endlessly, our ballad, will be released August 26. We will release Run, Never Give Up and finally Kiss of the universe in September, October, and November respectively. Work on the second album has already begun and we are excited to hear everyone response to each new release. For the suture, we definitely want to experiment with some collabs and remixes. Of course, we want to get out and perform live for as many people that will honor us.

Enjoy listening to Another Day here.

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