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Gem FM - Wave
Gem FM - Wave

Gem FM – Wave | Eclectic Mosaic – 

Gem FM is the experimental instrumental pop rock musical project or as he best describes it the sonic adventures of Fort Lauderdale / Pompano Beach, Florida artist James Freeman. Jim aka Gem FM began his musical journey being part of his high school marching band. He later was part of bands playing genres such as blues, rock, country, and progressive rock. He is also a prolific studio and live sound engineer. James is also a writer and marketing professional. In his latest album Waves, Gem FM lays down alluring canvasses of music which can’t be classified but sound familiar.

The album begins with Turn It Loose with its heavy synthwork and hypnotic guitars. The second track is Red Eye which is a groovy track. It has a catchy guitar hook and some clean electric guitar playing which is intriguing. Production on this track will keep you guessing about what is gonna occur next. The third song Ha Cha Cha creates an interesting sense of mystery about what is gonna come up next. This sounds like a song that is festive and full of joyful energy. We hear an interesting array of sounds from the xylophonic to the squeaky and wah-wah based. Jambo begins with enigmatic percussion and melodic sounds. It includes various eclectic sounds such as church organs, bells, slap bass, tablas, and distorted guitars.

Setting the tone, Reptile begin with a robotic processed spoken voice stating “how long will you go?” several times. What follows is a range of archetypical and retro digital electronic sounds. Funk greets us on Hard Line with an electronic synth riff and other wacky melodic elements joining in. Organ sustained chords form the musical base with intense riffing over it. After much intense musical experimentation so far on the album, Roachella begins with slow percussion and chords which are laid out majestically along with organ sounds to back it up. Some neat lead phrasing is then woven over this laid back arrangement. The second last track Grand Out reminds one of the pop anf funk hits of the late 80s and early 90s. Wave concludes with its last song Get Along. This is an intriguing song with a darker tone. On this enigmatic note, Wave concludes.

Wave is an album runs about for forty minutes of eclectic musical expression. This is a mad concoction of sounds by Gem FM that feel like they came out of a 90s ads or Windows 95 stock music. Imprints of music which try to create new ways of speaking musically with the tools they have. That is when we hear the ingenuity in the arrangements we see the vast scope of experimentation and expression reminiscent of Billy Joel of the 90s and so on. Wave by Gem FM is a berserk musical record that is daft in its expression and daring in its scope.

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