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Temperature Falls- Please Don’t Go | Otherworldly

Music lovers rejoice! There is a new alternative/indietronica duet in town called Temperature Falls. This Norwegian foundation has been winning over hearts and minds for the past four years and they are currently one of Spotify’s editorial team’s favorites. The team has released two albums so far, “I Want to Go Where You Go” in 2020 and “Nobody to Believe in Anymore” in 2021, with the single “Death by Suffocation” being added to Spotify’s “Indielista” playlist. The Temperature Falls sound is something that needs to be experienced to be truly understood. It’s a mix of aggressive alternative rock and silky-smooth psychedelic soundscapes, with a heavy dose of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. It’s a sound that is both brash and beautiful, and it will stay with you long after you’ve heard it.

They have released a new single, ‘Please Don’t Go.’ The song ‘Please Don’t Go’ is a hauntingly beautiful ballad about a couple who are struggling in their relationship. The song starts with slow, dreamy synths and slowly builds up tension before Camilla’s vocals enter. Camilla draws us in with her beautiful vocals and, in a sorrowful tone, reveals the narrative of the couple, who are not having an easy time in their relationship. The lyrics are emotive and relatable, and the song’s slow, melancholic melody is incredibly moving. ‘Please Don’t Go’ is a stunningly beautiful song. There’s just something about Ian J’s music that instantly transports you to another world. It’s both deeply touching and viscerally exciting, and it’s always interesting to see what he’ll do next. On his latest track, ‘Please Don’t Go,’ he creates a rich, interesting soundscape that you cannot help but just immerse in. This single can evoke strong emotions and an otherworldly atmosphere in the same breath. You must give it a listen!

Enjoy listening to Please Don’t Go by Temperature Falling here.

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