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throwback - roy shakked
throwback - roy shakked

Roy Shakked – Throwback | Whimsy Parade

Roy Shakked is a singer-songwriter and musical composer creating his sound under different names : Holmes, The Bright Wild, The Tao of Groove, Orb Robinson and Jazzelicious. The artist employs interesting and novel techniques of mixing and composing music. Throwback is Roy Shakked’s latest album carrying the promise of musical marvel.

Play On starts off the album with a whimsical guitar melody knots that line the entirety of the song. The artist’s baritone vocals have a easy and nonchalant style. We also see molten electric guitar arcs, trumpet circuits and fun beat cycles spread across the song. Emotional begins with an acapella detail, continued by the raw vocals of the artist. The husky vocals carry a lilting melancholy with the quirky sounds and instrumental play. With rippling keyboard tangents, molten synths that expand and flow across the canvass, the song plays like a dream sequence.

Your Eyes carries a sweet tenderness that is amplified by the charming raspy vocals and single string guitar strums. With the encapsulating trumpet swallowing your brain whole, the song plays into the synapses and gray matter and tickles your fancy. With lovely harmonies reminiscing about carefree youth and blissful days, the artist confesses his wish to regain the gift of innocent vision and perspective.

Nothing You Can Do has a funk groove to it. The electric energy generated by the guitar strum work has a refreshing sound. With the instrumental melody expanding with every arc, the song reminds you of a spontaneous day out with small adventures and interesting eventualities. Ocean‘s guitar work contains a spherical quality and a wiry endlessness. The artist uses fun beats and synth boomerangs to demonstrate the quality of the ocean and its waves. “Life is an emotion. Its waves are the emotion” is a wonderful way to articulate the never ending cycle of change.

Fly on the Wall is electrifying with robotic sound cycles , synthetic vocals and electric guitar melodies weaved into it. You can feel yourself being charged by the song’s melody circuits. Harden Your Heart has a serene quality infused by the elongating verses and mellow instrumental work. With a comparative steady melody cycle, the song carries beautiful instrumental blends and harmonies.

I’m Telling Everyone plays over a heavy and grinding bass. The artist uses smokey vocals and alto harmonies that tie in with the rough texture of the bass. Playing on the low end of the pitch spectrum, the song carries a rocky wildness. Oblivion (Throwback Mix) is the penultimate track of the album. With a slow tempo, the song progresses with inky synth flows, blue vocals and nostalgic lyrics. The song rises and surges with angelic harmonies. Beautiful Things ends the album with the clarity of slow piano chords and gloomy vocals. The woeful trumpet and bass cello flow through the song like a minstrel’s song.

The album has a unique charm with each song exploring the several flavors of whimsy, parading one after the other. The artist beautifies his canvass using matchless musical combinations that rejuvenates and feeds the mind. A grand ode to musical composition, Throwback is a must listen.

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