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Paul Maged- Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Paul Maged- Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Paul Maged- Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Paul Maged- Everything’s Gonna Be Alright | Intoxicate the dance floor

Paul Maged is a permanent feature in indie talents. Like a Broadway musical that keeps coming back, Paul has a penchant for drama in his songs. With funky, pop and rock fusions-he creates a bong shot worth of exhilaration with his tracks. His latest single is Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.

Just like Dave Grohl pushes his boundaries with the music he makes, Paul Maged does the same-in doses. This track is a combination of Frusciante level funk guitar, Arcade Fire pop and well, Dave Grohl level rock. It’s an indirect invitation to the dance floor, with shoes for free. The groove is set deep within, the chorus is a jamming masterpiece and stadiums should howl for this song. For starters, you’ll hear the club vibrate like never before.

Why tire myself by classifying this into a genre and pulling the magic out of it? Paul Maged is a master of this, he creates rhythmic recipes that can be duplicated, not replicated. His sound is his, though we hear idols of his make Platonic cameos. It is an exciting ensemble he creates, be it his album Culture War in 2020 or The Resistance- a rock anthem like no other.

We’re more than ready to have this kind of music as our daily dose. Listen to his track here:

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