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La Palma – Sangue Latino – Leaves You Mesmerized

Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon, a musical partnership with bases in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., respectively, make up La Palma. Working remotely between two places, La Palma creates music by sending recordings back and forth to develop layered songs that draw inspiration from commonplace sounds and experiences and are drenched in dreamy psych-pop and indie folk. The two multi-instrumentalist/vocalist members of La Palma first connected while playing in the bands Kittyhawk and Let’s French. They soon realized that they shared a similar musical aesthetic and began working on songs together. Despite the distance between them, the duo has developed a strong creative partnership that allows them to make beautiful, ethereal music together.

Now they have come up with a new single ‘Sangue Latino.’ Getting ‘Sangue Latino’ out of my head has been close to impossible ever since I first heard it. There’s just something about the infectious rhythm that makes it impossible to resist. I can now enjoy the song in a new way, thanks to La Palma’s cover of ‘Sangue Latino.’ La Palma’s version of the song retains the original’s charm while putting its own unique spin on it. The result is a version that is both familiar and fresh, and I can’t get enough of it. If you’re a fan of Secos & Molhados, or just good music in general, I highly recommend checking out La Palma’s cover of ‘Sangue Latino’. The vocals are very soothing, though I don’t understand the words, the emotion of the song comes through loud and clear. This mellow yet amazing unique soundscape was enough to make me fall in love with the song.

Enjoy listening to Sangue Latino by La Palma here.

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