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JM Ross – Easy | Crescendo
JM Ross – Easy | Crescendo

JM Ross – Easy | Crescendo

JM Ross is a New York-based singer and songwriter who’s originally from Jackson, Mississippi. He has a unique style of music that makes him unique. With a fine blend of traditional rock and modern pop, JM Ross has been creating some worthwhile tracks.

His recent release is a song called Easy. The track starts off in a pompous way and maintains that quality throughout. The intense beats when paired with some equally energetic vocals make for quite a treat. Easy is a song that has a little bit of everything. You can call it an upbeat song, but the melodies here and there, make it an equally subtle and charming track to listen to.

The most unique quality of the song is the way it ascends. There is a presence of joviality from the very beginning and as the song progresses, everything progresses with it. The tunes and beats become more intense. And the way this progression happens is the most remarkable thing about the song. JM Ross’s ingenuity as an artist is made clear as soon as the song hits you right to the core.

JM Ross does a great job at vocals. The song becomes even more charming with his fascinating and playful vocals. They make this track a little more fun and exciting to listen to. With unique beats, soulful tunes, great production, and awesome execution, everything in Easy comes to the surface just the way it should.

You would want to listen to this track whenever you want a boost in your spirits!

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