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fav flavor - amanda holley
fav flavor - amanda holley

Amanda Holley – Fav Flavor (Radio Edit) | Russian Doll Harmonies

Born to a cellist mom and songwriter dad, Holley sang before she spoke. Her soul seamlessly bleeds into her to create strings of violet melodies. In Fav Flavor, Amanda Holley shows off her vocal range by collating endless parallel harmony streams that feed and consume each other.

The subtlety of the sound and the delicate voice of the artist adds a captivating charm to the song. The artist uses her ability to hit 5 octaves to dress the music with melodic frills and enchanting sleeves of harmonies. The love song conveys the protagonist’s emotion on several levels of musical articulation. With wonderful vocal tangents, swirling into the resounding bass and beats in the background, the song is like a mirror maze.

The song contains charming electronic elements that electrify and lends trippy colors to the it. The glassy vocals lifts like waltzing smoke. An glowing blue passion rises from the numerous arcs of vocal harmonies that spreads across the musical canvass. Like a musical Russian Doll, the artist reveals melodies contained within melodies within melodies.

A passionate and soulful musical love story, the artist wonderfully analogizes personalities and character traits to flavors of food. Favorite flavors provide comfort during uncertainty, amplify good times, console when you’re hurting and replenish your soul. It would be so lovely to have a person who can show you such tender kindness and they can become your favorite person.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music.

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