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Zach Churchill-Surrender
Zach Churchill-Surrender
Zach Churchill-Surrender

Zach Churchill-Surrender | As the tide comes in

It’s one thing to be able to write like this. Then to find the exact tune that carries those lyrics like a guardian angel does to her prodigy. Zach Churchill is the sorcerer in question today. His latest single is called Surrender, and though it’s deceptively simple, that is where he has found the key.

McCartney has this gift. Many dislike him, but I find his storytelling years from Ram and McCartney 3 to be lessons. Zach Churchill does the same, and this might be some of his best work. With quite a popular style of a riff being the core of the track, he shifts away to use the same rhythm in the chorus. The lyrics fit as usual-like a glove. Like a funk-reggae groove settles in, this amalgamation too gets better every time you hear it. Classify it as whatever you want, it’s a good song in the end.

Zach recently released his full album, Heartbreak and Hope for this year. Apart from the dynamics that he touches upon in his work-he creates niches of memories-places everyone has been to. Like the film Eternal Sunshine… he creates these same visuals within the confines of time. Luckily, in this case, you can go visit. Be sure to send my regards to him in his palace of dreams.

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