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What Kingdom – Prang | Immense Trip

What Kingdom is a project that feels like a perfect collision of nostalgic and contemporary world. This project is a prefect picturization of a journey from being young and energetic to old yet bold. What Kingdome is a UK-Based producer who has released a number of tracks under different aliases like Scott Marshall, Rutes and Secret Mystery School. What Kingdom is different though…The idea of this project is being truly self dependent from cover art to production.

I recently came across What Kingdom’s third single release, ‘Prang’ which is a proper groove. Packed with tons of surprising musical elements, ‘Prang is one of those tracks that blows my mind away every single time. The lyrics go perfectly with the music taking you into a deeper trip. Each beat digs deeper into the skin making this track one of it’s kind. The strings give off a perfectly mesmerizing psychedelic trip. The drums are out of this world and something new that will surely caress you throughout the track. The track feels like the artist’s conversation with his alter ego while producing this very track which makes this track one of the most innovative track I’ve heard in a while. The track starts off and ends with a perfect start and an end which is strongly structured. The intense musicality will surely make your feet move without an effort.

‘Prang’ by What Kingdom is an innovative track which will surely make you skip several heartbeats. Give it a listen, trust me you will surely enjoy this immense trip-

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