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Voice Of Addiction-Divided States
Voice Of Addiction-Divided States
Voice Of Addiction-Divided States

Voice Of Addiction-Divided States | Tear away from the noise

Chicago based Converse wearing (maybe) punk rockers are back. Voice of Addiction have been teasing this album with singles till now, so get that sledgehammer ready. Contents of this album include mania, speculation, polemic discourse and mayhem. If you don’t like any of the above, you’re free to leave. The rest, onward to the journey of Divided States.

Division Complex is enough TNT in a soap box to know what this band is about. Putting their “prog” touch to punk, their short and explosive tracks aim to rattle and shake you up from this smoke & mirror dimension. With a tempo as quick as Bad Brains and more, the chorus and kick-ass energy should be enough to vibrate your buttocks off your seat.

Bad Decisions are a slight tip of the hat to punk legends all over the map. The vocals turn into an aggressive scream, while a delicious cocktail of clean and gruff voices hit your eardrum. There is a possibility of feeling adrenaline directly IV’d into your bloodstream, so bounce off the walls in a safe space.

Battery pack explosion

Released as a single earlier this year, Shinigami is a relatively neutered track. For a while-then we go to a 90s alt-rock sound. Bring in Sum-41 or blink-182, this can be a jam for the ages and definitely an entire generation. A melodic reprise compared to their obliterating battery bombs-this builds to a great rhythmic section that is intriguing and takes you along for the ride. Corporacy gets us back to the nail-biting tempo they enjoy. They target the Eyes Wide Shut corporate ladder that sucks off each other and enjoys the chaos from the consumer based fabrication they’re to be blamed for. The blistering track’s pace increases the frustration towards the clowns who somehow have their hands deep in our pockets.

I Hate It begins with a riff that points you in the direction of the madness that will come. Like all good punk rock, there is a statement to be made, a story to be told and awareness to be spread. Luckily, Voice of Addiction have axes and a drummer whose wrists somehow don’t pop off the sockets. The rhythm section keeps it exciting with pauses and time changes as well.

We’re Not Free begins with a catchy bassline, and the sounds of doom begin. A galloping drum track and short note lead make a rich intro to a change in genre of sorts. With more musical nuances, there are games to be played and energy to be categorized. By 1:30 we’re back to the 220V power we’re used to from these rockers. They’ve put together with erasers, shoestring and gunpowder-one of their best tracks. Bless these punk MacGyvers.

Tear into systemic breakdowns

Bought and Sold starts with a marching style beat and then proceeds. More of a funky bounce is in the base of this track, an exciting endeavour. The punk princes then immediately draw a steroid horse pulled carriage and whisk us away. Great Mistake brings in the Black Flag years for some great chaotic energy and delivery. We hear double bass in between as well, which is always exciting.

Prison Food starts with trust old feedback, for an AC DC style opening. With minimal notes, the churning is still A-class. No compromises made anywhere. The breaks really allow the energy to seep in as well. Eraser marks the third phase of their album, Notes flying everywhere, these coherent lyrics are more of a binding glue than any other kind of music out there.

Incarnating the heart of punk

For more than a moment, I’d like to appreciate what these punk rockers and this genre is doing for us. Punk rock is more relevant than ever now, and this kind of lyrics highlight it. The aim is to bring strength in numbers, help the unfortunate rise, and question the ones who hold the puppet’s strings. Darwin brings another melodic opening for a furious track with fills and frills galore. The riff is a catchy and memorable one, can almost taste the heat in this track.

Where’s the Freedom and Wrong Turn bring in classic old school punk energy again and close out what will be etched in their legacies. From the opening seconds to the closing track, Voice of Addiction have not rested to put the best of their work across. With a cannon’s energy and a strafe gun’s capacity-this band has gone out of their way to put forward some of the best punk I’ve heard since I started writing. The worm I cradle in my ear belongs to them. The broken plaster on the walls in my home are their doing.

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