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alej - infectious
alej - infectious

ALEJ – Infectious | A Vocal Embellishment

Infectious by ALEJ is the artist’s newest release containing enchanting vocals and rich emotions. Infectious is the first single released by the Miami based artist since releasing his first EP, Aries Season in late 2021.

The song is characterized by an ethereal synth melody and bountiful vocals. The synth has a calming meditative quality to it as it sails in the backdrop of the vocals. Dance beats punctuated by periodical claps float through the song as the artist’s captivating vocals imprisons the listener.

The vocals carry a richness that douses the listener in an immersive emotional experience. The emotions contained in them are sonorous and alive, surfacing from the emotional experiences of the artist. The song has a glowing magnificence that dissolves into the fabric of your mind and comes alive.

The emotion in the vocals is immutable and spreads through you like a burning fever. Using simple melodies and plain beats, the artist decorates the song with his emotional depth and vocal range. The song puts you in a profound daze as if you’re sailing through a sea of orange sunsets. With every listen, the song reveals itself a little more and pulls you deeper into it.

Pure, unadulterated love and romance heaves and floods the vocals like an overwhelming tsunami. The tender fantasies and sweet agony transfers itself to the listener. The song’s transcendental vocals, soft harmonies and dreamy melody infects the listener and leaves them wanting more.

Available on Spotify & Apple Music.

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