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Nick Catoire-SHINE
Nick Catoire-SHINE
Nick Catoire-SHINE

Nick Catoire- SHINE | A candid respite

Nick Catoire is already a household name in the indie singer-songwriter scene. His lyrics and vocals are appealing, appeasing and soothing to say at the least. With a dynamic range that stretches to heaven and Earth, he’s bringing to us his new single. It’s called SHINE, and it is a poetic interlude to a dream.

SHINE showcases Nick Catoire using his voice at its purest. With an acoustic rendition, there is only an accompanying instrument and his vocals are what truly shine. Like Ed Sheeran’s direct raw appeal due to simple lyrics and memorable lines, Nick does the same, but better. There is a fire of still being in the ever-growing limelight of indie musicians. Here, the electronica ocean of Can’t Look At You Now doesn’t exist. A very candid exploration of a gracious and stunning voice.

His Stranger EP has a collection of some of his best works, lyrically and instrumentals combined. With hit singles bursting through the ceiling once in a while, Nick Catoire didn’t need this review for people to listen to his music. He just gifted us an opportunity to see him this bare. A microphone, his voice and accompanying instruments.

Listen to his latest single here:

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