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Dorian – Do Ya
Dorian – Do Ya

Dorian – Do Ya | Dark Rnb Future House

Do Ya is the latest retro synthpop number by New Jersey pop musician Dorian. Fresh from his last mesmerizing single Reign Love and the majestic record The Arrival: Dream World Pt.2, Do Ya sets the dance floor on fire. With Do Ya, we get a riveting pop song with infinite groove and melody. Dorian is currently working on his upcoming EP #33 and Do Ya has been released in its anticipation. This will be a three track record and the number 33 stands for Dorian’s age as well as three years of music releases.

The song begins with a thumping bassline. As the bass is galloping away synth chords enter in. The beat neatly is placed on top of it setting the tone for the song. Harmonized vocals in a chorus that hum the vocal refrain. We get some neat vocal layering by Dorian, as the vocals enchant around the harmonies. This is an energetic number replete with foot tapping stamina. We get to hear a sweet blend of dance, synthpop, and future house genres. Dorian manages to channel the best of The Weeknd and Usher, combining dark RnB with dance music.

Vocals by Dorian depict his range in terms of working with complex harmonies and vocal virtuosity. Dorian manages to blend electronic dance music and pop to deliver a fantastic club song. Electronic production and vocal processing work in tandem to deliver a hypnotic track. The arrangement and production serve to create a pop, nightcore, and club vibe. The song is able to spin a dark pop sonic signature with the rhythm of electronic synthpop numbers. Do Ya by Dorian is a catchy electropop hit with pulsating infectious energy.

We get to talk with Dorian about the single and more!

1. What was your prime inspiration for creating Do Ya?

 I really wanted to do something upbeat and fun! 

This beat really took me to a place that was quite different for me, but also felt natural! I love dance and house music. I love the way it makes you feel! And so in celebrating year “33” for me; I felt like this song fit that vibe. The lyrics are inspired by a few personal stories also! 

2. Tell us how you come up with song ideas? Do they strike you or are they well thought out?

A little bit of both at times, to be honest! 

I actually love songwriting, and so that is something I do consistently. But there are times where melodies and lyrics just come to me out of nowhere! They can be inspired by a situation I’m in or a beat I’m listening to. It really just depends! 

3. When you are in your creative process, what are your biggest motivations, what gets you going?

When I’m creating; I like to be in solitude; in my own space and a place where I feel free to create. I’m all about vibes lol; and being in a space that helps cultivate the creative energy within me. 

4. Tell us about favourite songs/artists of yours.

Favorite artists at the moment: Chris Brown, Monica, Beyonce, Brandy, Usher, Dave East, Saint Jhn and so much more! 

Favorite songs: 

“Warm Embrace” by Chris Brown

“Break My Soul” by Beyonce

“Denim and Rinestones” by Carry Underwood

“Friends” by Monica & Ty Dolla$ign

“Immature” by FLO

5. Give us an insight into your future plans. What can your fans expect from you in the future? Are there any exciting releases to look out for?

More music videos and performances for sure! I will be expanding the content on my YouTube page here very soon to include behind the scenes content, VLOGs and more! Be on the lookout for my music video for “Proud” ; my new single from “The Arrival”! And my surprise EP “33” drops next month! 

Be sure to check Do Ya out here!

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