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Stella Grey-Gin
Stella Grey-Gin
Stella Grey-Gin

Stella Gray-Gin | More than a buzz

A debut artist with an unchained mind. Stella Gray has turned quite some heads since her previous single this year. Called Heart So Cheap, it has garnered an impressive amount of listens for an indie artist. The secret lies in her fun, relatable lyrics and a background to each track that could write its own biography. This is her latest single, Gin.

By all means, Gin is a party track. To get you in the mood, while you’re knee deep within the beat. Her track features her powerful vocals, which are easily the focus. The instrumental is a catchy, funky vibe that deposits energy from the electronic flow. It is a disco-theme from the 90s, doesn’t linger on any beat or verse for too long. Stella Gray keeps it fresh, like a cocktail you’d be addicted to.

It’s not all gin and tonic, though. There are several flavours explored in this track. Clocking a little over 3 minutes, the live instruments give their magical flourishes to be the magician’s assistant. There is a theme, an independent take on life and consequent decisions. Changing the image of what a being an artist at this time and place means. Just because there are problems, doesn’t mean you have to wipe that smile off your face.

Take a swig of this gin and listen to the new definition of a star:

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