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S J Denney | A Silent Scream | Intimate | Singer-Songwriter
S J Denney | A Silent Scream | Intimate | Singer-Songwriter

S J Denney – A Silent Scream | Intimate

S J Denney is a UK based singer-songwriter. His journey into music began as a choir boy and then picked up the clarinet. Influenced by Rock music, when he started listening to vinyls of ‘The Beatles’, Led Zeppelin, Neil young, to name a few. Denney’s intimate music talks about self-realization and very relatable issues that seem to resonate with his audience. He has been releasing music since early 2016 where he released his first EP. With a lot of new music coming in, 2022 is going to be a busy year for Denney fans.

‘A Silent Scream’ is Denney’s latest single and its about being stuck in the moment. This single is very special because it feels like Denney is just sitting by your side and singing this to a group of friends. A very intimate single that seems to have very basic melodies and not many layers. The focus is on Denney’s vocals and lyrics mainly. The lyrics take the listener on a journey through Denney’s narration.

“When I call you name.. All I get is no reply!”

His intimate lyrics just seem to pull the listener into his spiral of melancholy. It takes everyone back to that moment when they had a similar feeling. Perception changes the meaning of the track. It can be a reference to solve your issues or just another track you listen to while you brood! Really amazing guitar work and an amazing mix that is completely uncluttered.

Notice how amazing the artwork is and how relevant it is to the track. The picture and the track are a package deal to create a vivid mental image, adding to the intimacy of this single!

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