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Lethia's Natorium-Here We Go
Lethia's Natorium-Here We Go
Lethia's Natorium-Here We Go

Lethia’s Natorium-Here We Go | A trick with no sleeve

When Dave Grohl & Co. released their Black Widow album, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a sound so different from their beloved alt-rock catalogue. Lethia’s Natorium is a project that might feel like a trick to you. Where there seems to be no benefactor-except the illusion of what the music might sound like. Trust me when I tell you, you aren’t going to expect this result. This is her latest single, Here We Go.

To be honest, I expected an R&B gospel singing experience. I braced myself for it, closed my eyes for the church organs. Instead, what I got was a spine ripper, a sound that does NOT befit the image. Lethia’s Natorium launches into good old-fashioned post-punk-the energy is raucous, The result is one long moment where I forget who I might be listening to, and thoroughly enjoy the chaotic riff and live instruments that ensue, The vocals are on point as well.

Though there are some parts where the vocals are rushed from the beat, I’m willing to let it go. Black Flag, Stiff Little Fingers and even Bad Brains had moments when they got caught in their own mosh. This is a reckoning, a beckoning to really forget your problems. There are two other tracks released by the project, and I encourage you to listen to them.

Here’s to your brain scramble:

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