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I Am The Unicorn Head – Future Dinosaurs | Melodic Symphony

I Am The Unicorn Head is a two piece Alternative/Indie band based in the UK and USA. The band formed at the beginning of the pandemic through exchanging music online and having found similar musical ground on Reddit, I Am The Unicorn Head was formed. Both complimenting each other’s music, are now making tracks that bewitch the listeners. Drawing influences from Alternative/Indie/Punk/Post-Punk/Prog/Garage Rock/Krautrock and anything else that catches their ear, I Am The Unicorn Head is making music what is equally experimental and contemporary intertwined into a fine mesh. Their debut single ‘Eating Cornbread in Quarantine’ was their first milestone and they haven’t stopped ever since. This was their first track together and deals directly with the topic of mental health issues during the global pandemic. From meeting online in April 2021, to front page national press and radio coverage in Sept 2021, this unique band is one to watch in 2022!

I Am The Unicorn Head recently released a full length album called ‘Future Dinosaurs’ which is a perfect example of the artists’ versatility. This is one of those albums that I can listen to in one go and still have the will to listen to it again right away. This album is innovative and something out of the box which makes it one of its kind. This album surely is a masterpiece that no one should sleep on.

The album has a total of 11 track, each deeply immersive and ingenious. I came to know about this album through a YouTube video on their channel, you can find it HERE . This album is available on their website and their social media profiles. This is an album which is worth every buck and I personally feel that they have set the prices really low considering the quality and musicality of the tracks. There is a Spotify playlist that features I Am The Unicorn and you can explore all their previous works there.

The album has several tracks that caught my attention and mesmerized my mind yet there was this one track that I could relate to the most. It is the fourth track of the album called ‘All The Right Things’. Giving off proggy vibes, this track is lyrically deep and touching. The album is innovatively experimental and yet the music seems to be something that has existed for years and has been worked on by several.

I Am The Unicorn Head’s uniqueness is what makes me beg for more even after 11 tracks. The musicality is deep and the beautiful use of distorted electric guitars has made my heart melt. The lyrics are deep and immensely engaging. Their seventh track ‘Unicorn Of Death’ is full of energy and packed with all the power needed for a track.

I really loved how they’ve finished off the album with the mellow track called ‘Future Dinosaurs (Reprise)’ which is like the first track yet gains deep meanings and connections through the album and when it plays at the end of the album, it is one of the greatest feelings. Do not miss out on this album called ‘Future Dinosaurs’ by I Am The Unicorn Head.

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