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Ozz Gold – When I'm with You
Ozz Gold – When I'm with You

Ozz Gold – When I’m with You | Blissful Electropop

Las Vegas electronic producer and DJ Ozz Gold has come up with a mesmerizing new release titled When I’m with You. Ozz Gold is a graduate from the West Point United States Military Academy and has a background as a student pilot in the US Air Force. He moved to Vegas to create for himself a career in music. Ozz is influenced from artist like Alesso and Kygo and has his roots in the tropical and progressive house genres.

When I’m With You has synth keyboard lines with chords that create a beautiful ambient mood greet us. Sweet vocals soaked in delay and reverb sound truly dipped in romantic longing. As the vocals sing more than a feeling, you really feel the energy and groove. Prominent synth melody riff and joyful aura greet us in the chorus. The lyrical imagery coupled with an arrangement that highlights the sentiments in the songwriting pushes the song to the next level. The magenta and pink artwork include a blurred figure in an embrace on a galactic backdrop. Perhaps this recreates the intoxicating effect that this stunning song creates.

This is electronic production that truly brings the composition to the fore. When I’m with You reminds one of Clean Bandit and Alesso at their best love electropop songs. This is a catchy and sentiment soaked electronic pop song that you are going to be spinning on repeat. Ozz has played live at locations like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and his home base Las Vegas. When I’m With You is a blissful electronic pop song that will propel you to the ends of space and time.

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