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Matty Hendley- Nobody Like U
Matty Hendley- Nobody Like U
Matty Hendley- Nobody Like U

Matty Hendley- Nobody Like U | Lose yourself to dance

Yes, you read it right. Matty Hendley just released his latest single, Nobody Like U. Some ask, is he related to Don Henley? Obviously not you imbeciles. They’re one of those removed cousin scenarios, I guess. After the success of his previous single i feel bad, he aims to recreate history.

With almost 3 songs under his belt and his mother being his biggest fan, this artist creates a vortex of joy with his music. It separates him from artists that release extensive catalogues all year, each track has an undeniable track of quality. With a pop sound that he tries to draw more essence out of, you hear unlikely sounds enriching your listening experience. Understanding that they all don’t have to be synth based club commentaries, Matty Hendley turns the other way. Sounds like the banjo and quality patches on the strings keep it an interesting listen. Channeling all his lyrics for a unique fingerprint in the crowd, this is different from when Sinead O’ Connor expressed herself similarly.

All tomfoolery aside, you must realize that this could have sounded like any other song on the radio now. The essence remains in marking a familiar yet signature pattern in the tracks, which you can hear slowly building. Matty is on the way to being an indie playlist standard, and it’s songs like this that help.

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