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Kellan. – Why Am I Like This |

After releasing a few tracks with the name K-Rad, rapper, singer, and producer Kellan. released his debut single “Better in the Summer” in 2018. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Kellan Faker-Boyle’s started his musical journey as a classically trained percussionist competing in state-wide competitions in high school. Being a fluent writer he expresses deep and intense feelings and complex emotions and mostly revolves around the topics like love, depression, passions, and politics. Kellan. is a multitalented artist with affinity for producing, performing, and poetry. His discography is a rich compilation of vivid feels with his 7 single, 1 album and an EP.

“Kellan. is and artist who magically weaves music bending with reality blurring the horizon.”

Kellan. recently released his new single named ‘Why Am I Like This’ which is a track that perfectly portrays his versatility. This is one of my personal favorites that I vibe to. The music is an immersive feel which takes you to a deeper trip with each passing beat. The multi-layered vocals adds a whole another level of depth to the track. The lyrics are beautifully written and executed to deliver the maximum impact. The melodies are soothing yet complex which takes this track a step ahead of it’s time. This is one of those tracks that anyone will get addicted to. This track surely breaks all the boundaries of genres and this is what attracts me the most towards this versatile artist.

‘Why Am I Like This’ is a track everyone should listen to. Listen to the track by Kellan.-

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