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GURLIK-Time Box | A catalogue of dreams

It is kind of fitting for GURLIK to call their debut album Time Box. Characterised by their sound which draws from many genres, this is a group that looks to have an assortment. Of ideas, projects and sounds-they let each track be shaped by a different facet of emotions and styles to create audio wizardry.

Skyway is their first single. With a pop background and churning of several instruments-it leans towards an electronica composition. There is enough audio theatrics and drama to really indulge a listener. A dreamy synth lead keeps the listener to have a keen ear for the duration of the track.

A curated experience

This Island proceeds to shift to a completely different style. If instrumental soliloquies had more flavour in cinema nowadays, you’d hear something this rich. There are switches to different tempos and an array of vivid inputs keeps you on your toes. Flyer begins with a spaced out chord progression with a delicious tone for the bass. The keys take the lead, making it a soaring, unique track. The tone switching to a jazz style organ changes the feel at the right time.

Contrails has a much more ambient control on the song. A mysterious tone keeps the composition in the minor scale. Different instruments come to the fore now, a saxophone guiding the lead-warm brass tone that is reinforced with a beautiful arrangement. Ending Blues steals a setting from a moment of a 90s video game. The core is musical-yet I can’t help imagine being on a search quest with interesting twists and a solid story.

A dip for every palette

I can’t help but imagine the several thematic portraits this group paints with their music. Their music is good as it is, but better when you combine it with your imagination. There are moments in each track where you feel like the protagonist-and the track can characterise you, with a sentient level of accuracy.

Wrong Turn gets things funky and encourages a dance vibe. However, it does get more complex than that. There are lead parts that are doing a lot by themselves to be talked about. By the time you get through it in layers, you could have done a dissertation. Give It brings in the 80s disco sound that a lot of nostalgia TV projects have. It dances around with this theme as a whole, while non-traditional elements give a scintillating beat.

Scientists of music

Switchback and The Arches are two juxtaposed tracks that belong to the same era, style wise. There are similarities in the Victorian style scene that is conjured with their music. The beats are never at the forefront, but carry enough swerve to change the spine of the track. Baltimore Night has a jazz return within the album, a type of track that brings about a fusion of the same. The sound is unique in terms of themes, but is very rooted in their approach to music.

The Book is a fun and funky method of approach, making a definitive listen for this album. All songs here are a dive into many styles and what makes them that. The highlights exist, and then the packaging is made creative. It is a very interesting project by quite the crew-a talented group of musicians who love understanding music. By the time you’ve heard Lost River Waltz, you’ve been through a library of styles. Many of these have defined several decades of music.

GURLIK might be a thought experiment as much as it is a music project. From the minds of creative composers, we get an insight into a kaleidoscope of sound. Thankfully, it’s presented to us in a simple state of permanence. Come, peer into this time box with us:

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