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Daria Mirea – Don’t Know Love Yet | Indie-pop debut

London-based Indie pop/soul artist Daria Mirea released her debut single titled “Don’t Know Love Yet” on 29th July.  The young Romania-native artist has been making waves on TV and online since 2018, following her extraordinary performance on the show “The Voice of Romania”. She is known for her exquisite vocals that often capture emotions of love, hope and sorrow. Daria’s debut release showcases heartfelt lyricism, catchy grooves and a lot of emotion – a must-add to your indie-pop playlists!

“Don’t Know Love Yet” is introduced with a soothing acoustic guitar riff that sets the stage for Daria. She sings over just one chord in the verse, and her soothing voice becomes hard not to pay a hundred percent attention to right from the start.

Maybe roll a cigarette and watch me roll my eyes / You think you’re playing hard to get / Yet I can only bring you misery sometimes”.

As you probably know from reading the title, the track has a emotional, almost nostalgic sound to it; the perfect accompaniment for Daria’s intricate yet relatable writing. She seems to explore that butterflies in your stomach feeling, and does so beautifully. She continues singing over mellow electric guitars and upbeat rhythms as the track progresses – watch out for the big chorus at the end, it’s a special treat for the ears!

Additionally, the production is top-notch and the mix, in my opinion couldn’t be better! It’s not everyday that you hear a debut single that has you smiling by the end. Daria Mirea is certainly an artist all fans of indie music should keep an eye out for. This is just the beginning for this young singer-songwriter and I think it’s only a matter of time before she starts touring the world with her songs.

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