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Vomit Baby-Eleven
Vomit Baby-Eleven
Vomit Baby-Eleven

Vomit Baby-Eleven | Born with a crown

This is this band’s debut, so all the cards are on the table currently. Some of you might be “charmed” hearing the name of the band. Some might be repulsed. Few are going right to the track, this text barely matters to them. I’ll tell you what matters to Vomit Baby. Adrenaline induced post-punk and rock peppered tracks and getting the crowd on their feet. Guilty as charged on both counts for their debut, Eleven.

Eleven follows the tale of quite the catchy hook and how it entices strangers to the exploits of this band. This riff might be something you’ve heard before, but the phrasing makes it a fresh approach. The track has a car jump cable setup to it, the audience being the dead battery (assumed). What ensues is instant fandom and a driving energy to the track that the vocalist definitely picks up. All the energy in the world contained in that part of the song-and you hear it for a discount.

Twenty & Dead is their second single for this EP, and follows through on the first strike. Raucous sound and a fresh approach to writing their songs make Vomit Baby a star. If you read that prior sentence without context, expect to be pleasantly surprised. We know that’s more or less how this band left us.

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