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OneNamedPeter - Vision
OneNamedPeter - Vision

OneNamedPeter – Vision | Artistic Quirky Love Song

UK artist Peter Bennett aka OneNamedPeter has released his latest artpop single Vision. OneNamedPeter has had a prolific discography and has released five albums since 2020 and several singles to his credit. His music is a brand of quirky indiepop and lo-fi music much rooted in the innovative popular British music tradition. OneNamedPeter ha inspirations which include maverick classic rock and pop musicians like Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Kate Bush, and Bob Dylan. From all these creative geniuses Peter brings along textual tact and tightness of expression which catches your attention.

Vision includes light simple drum beats and funky wah-wah guitars in its limited but apt arrangement. The song makes references to famous paintings and artists like Michaelangelo and Da Vinci and uses comparisons to these as a romantic ode. Lyrical themes include keeping loving intact as physical beauty might fade. The song with its production and fresh arrangement by OneNamedPeter along with thematic eloquence manages to create a hummable track. What we get is a blend of modern pop songwriting with musical expression with a neat narrative flow.

Much like his influences, OneNamedPeter displays a great songwriting knack and lyricism. The concise and clear expression of sentiments manages to create a simple but optimum ode to love. OneNamedPeter also brings along his stunning creativity and musical experimentation to the music. Peter self-produces his own music and videos as well. Along with that he even creates all the artwork! Truly justifying the One aspect of his artist name. The Brighton based artist fulfills the creation of a stunning art based love ode in Vision.

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