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9 o'clock Nasty-I'm Bent
9 o'clock Nasty-I'm Bent
9 o'clock Nasty-I'm Bent

9 o’clock Nasty-I’m Bent | If not, get bent

I’ve always wondered what the slang “Get Bent” meant. It’s a phrase that came and went, something a person really meant. Well, reading those “ent” rhymes must have been time well spent. Then remember you’re here to read the review for 9 o’clock Nasty. Specifically their suggestive advice, with I’m Bent. Read further at your own expense.

It’s ridiculous to talk about these 3 guys being talented every time. Their sound is always unique, and riffs have laced within it a small amount of nostalgia. When I say laced, it’s calculated-like a Cosby decimal. Anyway, I digress from writing a splendid review for their latest rock track. 9 o’clock Nasty maintain that silky fuzz from radio tracks you would hear, especially when you drove at the countryside. To hide incriminating evidence.

This is just another track that boils down their inspirations into one consolidated piece. If you’re searching for a connect-the-dots thesis for their themes, really, you’re wasting your time. 9 o’clock Nasty is musical improv, there I said it.

Now, if you’ve reached this line in the article, you’re either a fan or you’ve paid to have this review written (hope you’re chuffed, lads). This fun single is just another in their series of post-drink dares, I assume, and they nail the theme every time. It’s philosophical, so buckle in. They really have fun doing this shit. You have fun listening to it. Really nothing much more to say. The bird to you, infant adult Mark Zuckerberg. Hope your adult diaper develops a chronic wedgie.

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