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The Freights – Overrated | Classic
The Freights – Overrated | Classic

 The Freights – Overrated | Classic 

The Freights is a wonderful fusion band from Boston, Massachusetts. There is a blend of a variety of genres like rock and roll, blues rock, funk, and soul all mixed with the touch of modern rock. Being heavily inspired by the artists from the 80s and 90s, the list includes Led Zeppelin, The Stones, The Police, The Car, The Beatles, and many others. 

The Freights has released a number of singles in the past couple of years. Their debut single called “Show Me” came out in 2020 that hit #1 on Itunes Blues Chart. They are back with another groovy and funky song called “Overrated”.

 Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with an obvious upbeat drum beat and a solid rhythm guitar that instantly gives a rocky vibe. The beat stops and the vocals enter with a beautiful melody. The layers keep adding with piano and bass and the song lifts up in the pre-chorus. Everything comes together with a beautiful melody backing the catchphrase “I think love is Overrated”. The song follows the same pattern till the bridge. The song transforms with the change of chords and an amazing riff on the piano.

“Overrated” is a song that has everything, the classic vintage style of songwriting with a hint of modernness shows the genius of The Freights. The production of the song is absolutely amazing and minimalistic. The Freights have made a song that is so catchy and fun and it is highly recommended to listen to the song once. 

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