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Rob Lea – Summer in the Morning | Summertime Vibe
Rob Lea – Summer in the Morning | Summertime Vibe

Rob Lea – Summer in the Morning | Summertime Vibe

Rob Lea is an exceptional artist who has been in the spotlight for a long time. Being a singer, Rob is the lead vocalist in one of the biggest Queen Tribute Bands called “Majesty” and has toured all over UK and Europe for over 10 years. Performing as the great Freddie Mercury, he has gained a huge fan following and even competed on the ITV show Starstruck as his idol. 

Rob has established himself as an artist in the industry today and now is ready to launch his original music. His debut single called “Reflections” has opened new doors for Rob and he is back with yet another masterpiece called “Summer in the Morning”. It is an amazing song that captures the feel of pop and folk. Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a major Lofi vibe, with an acoustic guitar, whistling, and vocals building the melody. Soon the beautiful vocals of Rob begin with a rhythm on acoustic guitar and some pads and bass filling in the space. The song has a rising melody that builds up the intensity till the drop. An amazing drum beat kicks in after the drop and everything adds up with the catchy phrase “Summer in the Morning”. The song has an amazing chord progression that carries the melody till the end. Being a pop song, it gives a lot of classic references with the harmonies, melody, and singing style. 

Rob Lea has done fantastic work on “Summer in the Morning”, it has everything from top-notch production to wonderful musicality. Rob has showcased his talent yet again and will continue to do so. It is a song you don’t want to miss listening to.  

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